MulaMail explained!

With our plugin for Microsoft Outlook officially reaching the stage of beta testing, this letter will focus on the core MulaMail product. 

Our first product to enter testing, our MulaMail, was created to answer the problem of email security. 

Sadly, email is not as secure as we would like to believe. Despite the numerous reported hacks and the countless ones that have not made the headlines, people continue to divulge personal and professional details as though their email is invulnerable. 

Vulnerabilities in the traditional email system can be exploited by malevolent actors to obtain sensitive information contained in the mailbox. Due to the multiple transfer points in a traditional email system, many parties have access to mail messages and could modify their contents.

Additionally, as content data is unencrypted, the data could be easily intercepted. 

Email data information could be seized by monitoring network, equipment, or software. If the email system’s data is stored centrally, vulnerabilities may leak critical mail information or lead to the tampering of emails. 

Intruders can exploit vulnerabilities to obtain email addresses, user names, passwords, email contents, and contacts. Furthermore, an intruder could inject a Trojan horse into an email that is activated upon opening. Failure of email services, either through software or hardware failures, may also lead to a loss of important emails.

These problems can be solved by the union of email technology and blockchain technology. 

The blockchain authenticates the sender and the recipient of the email, and the authentication cannot be forged. Email content and attachments are encrypted by the other party’s encryption key and stored on the distributed storage service. 

Should a third party illegally retrieve the data, it is not possible to decrypt the data without the appropriate encryption key. Content and attachments are processed, signed by the sender to generate fingerprint information, and stored in the blockchain. The sender’s public key can verify the email for accuracy at any time. 

Once received, the recipient decrypts the data using their private key and verifies the data fingerprint to ensure that the data is not altered or forged. This system can fundamentally guarantee the security of email. This system also provides cross-chain email interoperability, as well as communication with non-blockchain emails.

MulaMail is focused on data privacy and security. 

A user owns their key, which is generated from the user’s digital wallet. The system offers end-to-end encryption for emails sent within Mula’s SMTP context. The system also allows a user to whitelist contacts to ensure a spam-free experience. Mula can serve as an email management system as it can communicate with, do @ aliases, and forward with most existing email agents. A visual system has been established to identify the security level of every email quickly.

MulaMail will be offered in freemium, premium, and enterprise solution models. After beta testers have extensively tested the system, the initial rollout will be to Mula subscribers and enterprise solution clients. 

Enterprise solution clients will benefit from an encrypted, spam-free environment while enjoying a private and secure ecosystem. 

The freemium model will allow ZeU to monetize user data ethically in exchange for fee-free use of the system. 

Users can opt-out of the monetization program by signing up for a premium account for a small subscription fee. 

Important Note: Currently, we are onboarding small groups of beta testers for the MulaMail plugin for Outlook premium; however, the Outlook web plugin is in private beta testing and will be released in due course. 

Other major email platforms are in development. 

We hope this better explains just why and how you should use MulaMail to ensure your personal privacy and security. 

If you’d like more information regarding the Mula Platform, you are always welcome to check out our website.

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  • The Mula Team