The Mula Platform - Explained

Take back your digital security.

Welcome to the first Substack letter, sent by the Mula team. 

Over successive emails, we plan to use this space as an area to show new ideas, explain what we are doing, and finally, to help those who are new to blockchain to have a better understanding of this rapidly expanding industry.  

Today, we’ll be focusing on just what it is we are doing at Mula.

In the digital age, data is bought and sold as a commodity. Companies obtain this data through voluntary contributions to their databases. Many people don’t realize that when they sign up for a newsletter, a freemium service, or accept cookie tracking, they are signing away their data rights. Often, people don’t read the terms and conditions to see what rights they’re signing away. 

When you are not paying for a product, you are the product.

Headlines about hacking, data breaches, and unethical data collection are becoming increasingly common. Companies are tracking online actions, either legally or illegally, contributing information to their databases. Employers, governments, and global giants have the ability to read your email. Smart homes are collecting data on you and your private conversations and sending this information back to their manufacturer. 

The databases securing this information are gold mines for hackers.

As the future is data-driven, this business model is unlikely to disappear. However, there is a way to do it safely and ethically.

The Mula Platform 

The Mula Platform was designed to make privacy technology approachable by embedding it in products people use in their daily lives. Once you enter the Mula ecosystem, every action you take is anonymized and not tagged to your identity. Only anonymized actions, reward preferences, etc. are used to create better security and better user experience. User data is firmly in the hands of the user to sell, donate, keep, or give away. 

The Mula Platform rolls out in phases with each module designed to work seamlessly with each other. 

The phases are:

  1. Privacy

  2. Understanding

  3. Ethical Marketing

  4. Exploration

  5. Millennium

The privacy phase launches with MulaNetwork, MulaMail, MulaMessage, and MulaWallet:

MulaNetwork is a whitelisted network of contact to ensure a personal and spam-free experience on the Mula Platform. MulaNetwork contains the MulaProfile, a user’s way to access and interact with Mula modules. 

MulaMail is a private, spam-free, and encrypted end-to-end email system, ensuring confidential and anonymized email. MulaMail can communicate with blockchain and traditional email systems and can function as an email management system. A visual system has been established to identify the security level of every email quickly. MulaMail will be offered in freemium, premium, and enterprise solution models. 

MulaMessage is a private, spam-free, and encrypted end-to-end messaging system allowing users to communicate quickly and efficiently with each other in a confidential environment.

MulaWallet is an encrypted digital wallet that enables the distributed exchange of digital assets and which stores crucial documents and information. MulaWallet will undergo continuous upgrades and integrate strong passphrase and authentication technology developed as a joint initiative with VSEKUR.

The understanding phase contains MulaMicrofinance, MulaGraph, and MulaMeet.

MulaMicrofinance is a P2P microlending infrastructure using the principle of mutual savings in order to enable micro-lending from a series of random mutual funds. The infrastructure will provide an anonymized “reputational score” based on a pattern of payback from a specific digital wallet perspective. Each participating MulaWallet will be assigned a reputation that will guide their ability to leverage the micro-lending. MulaMicrofinance is a joint project with Prego International Group.

MulaGraph is a psychometric profile based on the MulaWallet that understands consumers' tastes and habits. This graph can be leveraged to design ethical marketing campaigns. MulaGraph is a joint project with (redacted).

MulaMeet is a quick and easy way to plan meetings with colleagues and friends. MulaMeet is integrated into other Mula products to ensure a seamless experience.

The ethical marketing phase is MulaMarketplace. MulaMarketplace is a behaviour-based ethical marketplace where users redeem vouchers for discounts. It is a way for local and national businesses to reward loyal customers and develop new ones through the use of MulaGraph to create enhanced marketing campaigns.

Future phases are already in development or negotiation. 

The exploration phase includes MulaBrowser, a smart blockchain browser focused on privacy, security, and data ownership, and MulaCloud, confidential and secure storage of your documents and information. 

The millennium phase looks toward the future and future development. 

The Mula team is already in the early stages of product development for the millennium phase.

I hope with our five phases explained; you have a better understanding of what it is we are developing at Mula. 

If you’d like more information regarding the Mula Platform, you are always welcome to check out our website.

And as always, If you don’t have any questions, you might enjoy this delicious octopus recipe.

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  • The Mula Team