Why you should protect your privacy in a post-privacy world

When the product is free, YOU'RE the product! 

Over the last two newsletters, I've had the pleasure of breaking down just what ZeU technologies is as a company and what we plan to do with our flagship product MulaMail. 

While understanding our business is essential, having an understanding of the problems we aim to fix is just as much a necessity. 

Summarized in a sentence, When the product is free, YOU'RE the product! 

As a society, we have become comfortable using a host of products which seem too good to be true. 

Free shows, free search, free emails, free everything. 

What we fail to realize is that in many cases, those free products only act in such a manner with the clear intent of collecting your private information and using it for private gain. 

From Google to Facebook to Amazon and Tiktok, large tech companies are making billions using your data, in many cases, without you even knowing. 

A recent article in The Post Millennial regarding ZeU broke down the extent of this situation quite well. 

"A Financial Times investigation has found that multiple healthcare websites, "have been sharing sensitive user data with big technology platforms, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook." 

Google, one of the world's largest corporations, went further. 

They managed to access personal medical records on tens of millions of patients. This without ever notifying them or their doctors. 

Plans to mine data don't stop there. Google will be moving into the financial services business, allowing them to have access to banking data. The data mining doesn't stop there or at western companies. 

There are even more worries coming out of massive conglomerates that are controlled or managed in China, such as TikTok, which maintains potentially dangerous links to the countries data-hungry and authoritarian government. 

TikTok is said to be under national security review in the US and has been described by the CEO of Reddit as Spyware. 

If the potential loss of data worries you, it should. "

While those security concerns by large companies, some who have connections to foreign governments are grave, the direct intrusions by governments stand to be the largest potential threat. Nations such as China, Russia and Iran are rapidly developing their own "sovereign internets" moving far past the current use of firewalls, which can be bypassed through VPNs. 

These actions will, in the longterm, make it near impossible for political dissidents and even just general citizens to be informed and connected to the outside world. 

I wish I could say that this is where the problems stop, but they dont. 

Outside of big tech's never-ending hunger for private data, and overreaching governments, we now also have to worry about the quantum computers. This next generation of computing capacity could unleash a whole new level of security threats. 

Google has already confirmed that they have achieved "Quantum Supremacy."

According to an article published in the scientific journal Nature, Google's 54-qubit Sycamore processor was able to perform a calculation in 200 seconds that would have taken the world's most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years.

Imagine how quickly modern encryption systems could be compromised with that kind of computing power. It's safe to say it would not take long. 

This is where ZeU truly shines. As a business, we will solve all of the above problems, without compromise. We know we will be outlawed in many countries. Dictators and oppressive regimes won't allow their citizens to use our technology. But our technology will create democratic opportunities for those who want them. We envision a world where freedom of speech isn't just lip service. 

Don't expect governments to step in to protect you and your personal data; this is your personal responsibility. With ZeU, you can be confident knowing you are taking the right steps to protect yourself and your family. 

Our current flagship product MulaMail is currently in beta testing and will be released for consumers very soon.

With MulaMail your private information sent through email will be secured and encrypted, even when you install Mula as a plugin on top of Microsoft or Google servers. 

We will never mine your emails, and you will be the only person with access and knowledge of your private encryption key.

Register your username today by clicking here, and be one of the first users of MulaMail.