Its a bird, its a plane, its MulaX

Naming the next Mula module.

In our last newsletter, we promised you an exciting and yet prize-free contest to help name the latest Mula module. We even gave you two hints, one arguably more helpful than the other. However, if you did look up Frank’s thesis from the 90s and it didn’t put you to sleep, you may actually deserve a reward. 

But first, let’s get everyone up to speed on just what we are talking about. 

Congratulations! It’s a module!

We have been playing our cards reasonably close to the vest when it comes to Mula Enterprise Solutions. But today and for a limited time only (not really but conventional marketing wisdom says we’re supposed to create hype and scarcity so there you go), we are pleased to announce ... Mula something

That’s not really the name, but the fact is, we haven’t named it yet - more on that later. 

For the moment, let’s call it MulaX.

It slices, it dices, and so much more.

To be honest, we thought we had the MulaX plan figured out months ago. 

It was going to feature Mula’s lauded privacy and end-to-end encryption. 

The API was going to be open to other business apps. MulaMail, MulaMessage, MulaMeet, MulaTask, and MulaMeeting were going to be integrated into a kick-ass office suite driven by a management dashboard. 

The Mula ecosystem was going to be open for business. 

We were stoked.

Then the pandemic hit, and our already mostly remote team went even more remote, forcing us to entirely rely on and use some of the currently available systems. (Note from the legal department: ZeU is in no way maligning anyone’s currently available system.) 

So, we had thoughts. Lots of thoughts.

We are still pushing forward with the original plan, but now it’s going to be so much more glorious. New additions that we can talk about (as opposed to all the ones that we still have to keep under wraps) include a whiteboard, cloud storage, a calendar, a project management system, and a document management system. Now, this may not curl up your toes, but our accountant was definitely feeling it.

But now we need your help.

Did you win the popularity contest?

At first, we were kicking around the idea of a real contest. Then we were presented with like a billion pages of legal documents required to run an actual contest. 

We figured you’d probably prefer that we keep working on Mula rather than you have the opportunity to win an extra-small t-shirt of dubious quality. 

So, we just thought, a popularity contest with absolutely no prizes in the form of a Twitter poll from our @MailZeu account was probably about the right speed.

The rules:

  1. Mula module names are created with Mula + (relevant noun). 

  2. To be eligible to enter, you must exist.

  3. The Twitter poll will run for approximately 24 hours. You can reply to the Tweet if your choice isn’t available in the poll.

  4. There are no prizes, no remuneration, and probably no mention of your name. Ever.

  5. In all likelihood, Patricia(our COO) will overrule all entries and name it herself.


Stick around for next week’s newsletter, where we’ll give you the results of the poll. 

Can you guess which one it is?

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And as always, if you don’t have any questions, you might enjoy this grilled baby octopus pizza recipe

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